International Trademark Registration

The Process

  • 1. Consultation

    Non-obligatory consultation with our specialist to discuss your requirements and eligibility of your mark for registration. We will perform a free pre-cursory search to ensure feasibility and determination of the classification that is best suited for your mark. Some countries will require the appointment of the agent to be confirmed before proceeding with a search

  • 2. Appointment

    Appointment of JK Marcam as your trademark management partner. This allows us to act and respond on your behalf to trademark offices with regards to trademark matters.

  • 3. Assessment (1 - 3 Days)

    We will prepare a comprehensive assessment report to identify potential conflicts & objections and determine your mark’s good/services classification. When the report is complete, we will conduct a final round of discussion to prepare your mark for filing. In some countries, some documents have to prepared such as statutory declarations or notarization.

  • 4. Official (1 - 5 Days)

    Submission via Madrid System by way of designation of country of origin will take only 1 day.

    Submission via Direct Filing through our local office or designated partners.

    We will liaise with the trademark offices on all matters relating to your trademark registration and respond to office actions.

  • 5. Approval (6 - 36 months)

    We will follow through until the completion of registration. You will be notified of all updates along the way.

The following is included in every International Trademark Registration with JK Marcam:

  • Pre-cursory search for earlier similar mark
  • Pre-cursory assessment of registrability
  • Class identification and drafting of specifications
  • Full search and Assessment report (after appointment and payment)
  • Official filing fees
  • Responses to non-substantive office actions are free
  • Monitoring and updating of registration status until completion


Registration Methods

An International Trademark can be filed in one of the following ways

1. Madrid – The International Trademark System

The Madrid System is a convenient and cost-effective solution for registering and managing trademarks worldwide.

File a single application and pay one set of fees to apply for protection in up to 116 countries. Modify, renew or expand your global trademark portfolio through one centralized system.

This system is for you if you want to register in your country of residence or incorporation and if the country is part of the Madrid Protocol.

2. Direct Filing

Direct Filing in countries not in the Madrid System or when the client only needs to register their mark in a particular country.

The hardest part of direct filing is usually navigating through the documents in their native language and understanding their filing procedures as a foreigner. This will compound the difficulty of ascertaining if your intended mark has been registered before by other registrants. Furthermore, there will be additional documents required such as statutory declarations, notarized documents, passport of registrant, proof of company registration and other such documents as required.

It is always recommended that in such cases, appointing a local or experienced international trademark agent will be your best option, as they will have the local knowledge registration filed without a hitch.


Requirements for your trademark

To register your trademark, it must:

  • Be able to be represented graphically (in terms of a logo)
  • Be capable of distinguishing your goods or services from others
  • Be distinctive
  • Not be descriptive of the goods or services, or customary in current language or established practices of the trade
  • Not to be confusingly similar to an existing trademark on the register


What we require

To proceed with a International Trademark Registration, we will require the following:

  1. The trademark(s) in a high-resolution image file.
  2. A description of the applicant company summarizing intended business activities – this should cover all the goods and services provided by your company that is to be protected by the trademark; and
  3. A bank transfer or cheque payable to JK MARCAM LLP for the full sum of the applicable fees.
  4. Kindly note that documentation requirements may differ between countries.


Duration of Trademark Protection

In most countries, the registration of a trademark is valid for 10 years from the filing date of the application. Protection can last indefinitely subject to the payment of renewal fees every 10 years, and with proper use of the mark. Please enquire for prevailing service rates.


Fee Table

Please contact us to discuss your requirements to ascertain the fees as they differ from country to country significantly.